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Quilt #1: Overall Sam

This is the Overall Sam patterned quilt.  It is a deceptively simple quilt.

It is baby blue and white blocks hand quilted with 19 Overall Sam’s appliqued onto the quilt.   It fits nicely on this queen sized bed but I will get more accurate measurements later.

The hand quilting in so intricate with tiny little uniform stitches that I am so envious.   I guess that is why I have a fascination with this quilt because I know that I do not have the patience to do this kind of work.   You can see the flower motif  along with the square motif that Great-grandma Nina lovingly made into this quilt.

The overall Sam’s are the focus with the simple blue and white background.   Each one is the same pattern but with different fabrics.  This is the one that stands out the most to me.   I think it is because of the interesting color combination.  Gingham and floral.

She even dated the quilt. – 1956 but unfortunately did not sign it.


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